Are your photographs too dark, too bright or are you having difficulty getting your camera to focus on what you want? Guess what? That "P" mode on your camera does not stand for "Professional". If you're only using "P" (Program) mode or are unsure how to get what you want out of the other modes, I can help you make better photographs. That's right, I said "make" better photographs, not "take" what your camera gives you.

Whether you've just received a camera as a gift or bought a camera to photograph your child's youth sport, my workshops help you make informed decisions for setting your camera to get the shot you want, consistently.

With the exception of the private sessions, these workshops are designed for three to five participants, but I can accommodate six to eight participants. When the group exceeds five, we plan for an additional hour to make time for the anticipated additional questions. There is no additional charge for this additional hour and is essentially a volume discount, as participants will be able to learn from the added Q&A opportunity, while not being charged for the experience.


Host a workshop of four paying participants and receive your workshop for free.

Spouses will each receive a $25 discount, when attending the same workshop together.


Photography for "Soccer Moms" (and Dads)

If you have taken action photos at your child's athletic event and been disappointed with the results, this is you. In Photography for "Soccer Moms" (and Dads) you will learn what it takes to improve your action sports photo through a review of proper photo equipment, along with technical and composition basics. We will discuss shooting strategies for various sports under varying light and weather conditions. This three-hour workshop is designed for entry-level camera users. Bring your camera, lens(es) and manual. 

Workshop Price: $150 (includes handouts)

Basics of Exposure

In my Basics of Exposure workshop we will discuss using ISO, aperture and shutter speed to get what you want in focus, while making the best use of available light. We will also discuss how lens choice impacts our photographs. Bring your DSLR and lenses for this hands on training so you can start using what you are learning to make better photographs right away. This three-hour session will begin with controlling the settings on your particular camera to get the shot you want and we'll do a photo walk, so you can put what you've learned into practice right away.

Workshop Price: $100 (includes handouts)

Novice Photography

My Novice Photography workshop is for those who have a basic understanding of proper exposure and are able to use their DSLR on Manual mode. We will discuss slightly more advanced topics, including: shooting in RAW, while balance, exposure compensation and rules of composition.

Workshop Price: $100 (includes handouts)

Long Exposure Photography

As you may have inferred, my Long Exposure Photography workshop focuses on tripod or stabilized-camera photography. A tripod (or some other method of stabilization) is required in low light situations and when the intent is to show motion (i.e. fireworks, flowing water). This is a hands-on, in-the-field session. Minimal required equipment includes: camera capable of long exposures, tripod and cable release.

Workshop Price: $100

Pick My Brain

This is one-on-one time, where you show me your photos or talk about what aspect(s) of photography you're trying to master and I work with you, using your camera, lenses and accessories to help you achieve your photography goals.

Private Session Price: $100/hour (Blocks of hours: $450/five hours, $850/ten hours)

Personalized Mentoring

As with the "Pick my Brain" self-paced training, Personalized Mentoring is one-on-one photography training and image critique, using Facebook for 24/7 accessibility. This program provides a relaxed environment for nurturing the student's craft through an iterative learning process and an opportunity to try new techniques and receive honest, constructive feedback from a seasoned photographer. The full value of this program is realized through maximum interaction. I'll set up a private Facebook group for image critique and ongoing dialog. It doesn't matter where you are on your photographic journey, this program will help you take your photographs to the next level. Anything photography topic is fair game: composition, exposure, night/long-exposure photography, High Dynamic Range, natural light and flash, working in the studio, sports photography. You want to take it "old school" and talk film...the choice is yours.

A DSLR and Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop is required. Subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Bundle and get both Lightroom and Photoshop for $9.99/month.

Three Months of Personalized Mentoring Price: $400