Why Choose Jeffrey Keyser to preserve your cherished memories?

Professional Service -- When you choose Jeffrey Keyser Photography,  you are getting an on-location or studio portrait session, orchestrated by a trained photographer, who professionally processes your images for maximum effect.
Design -- Location, posing, expression, composition, color, and professional retouching all come together to create a finished image to be experienced on an emotional level, not just seen.

Personal Attention -- My goal is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations, to connect, to excite, to bring out your personality. I have been enthralled with photography since I picked up my first camera in 1983 and I love using my skills and experience to enrich the lives of those around me.

Simplicity -- There are NO MINIMUM PRINT ORDERS, NO SET PACKAGES, NO LIMITS on poses or outfit changes. We will shoot as many poses, outfits and locations as we can accomplish within our available time. There's NO HOURLY CHARGE for weddings, so there's no pressure to get all the shots in before the clock runs out or that you will paying a premium for additional time. 

Efficiency -- Before I release the shutter, I know what the camera is going to see. I don't indescriminatly shoot in continuous mode, hoping to get something usable. My formal photography training, coupled with decades of experience, has prepared me to make photographs that will provide a wide selection of images ready for digital processing.

If your photographer is not trained in and doing all of the above, you have to ask exactly why you're paying your photographer anything. Go ahead. Ask.