To an extent, everyone wears masks. We wear masks to fit within societal or professional molds, to meet our parents' or spouse's expectations or to get the job we want. We wear dress slacks and ties, when we'd rather be somewhere out in nature.

Masks are the protective barriers we put up to deal with our insecurity of not being accepted for who we are. Maintaining our masks takes a tremendous amount of energy, but sometimes we start confusing our masks with who we are. Regardless of the mask you wear, you are who you are. Separating the image of who we think we should be from who we want to be can become difficult. Drop the mask and free yourself by revealing who we are. The process of unmasking often reveals a far more layered, complex and  authentic personality. Masks often hide a wound from having part of yourself rejected, by yourself or others. Needing the mask means the wound is in control, not you. Unmasking puts you back in control.

"UNMASKED" is a photographic project to drop the veils and show the world who we are or want to be. I am seeking people who are willing to be photographed with and without their masks. Be authentic. Be yourself. 

Not ready to be fully unmasked? Maybe you need to don a physically mask to remove tour metaphorical mask. I'll work with you to protect your identity, while sharing your true personality. 

Your mask may be the way the world sees you versus the way you see yourself. Is there an occupation you'd like to do that's greatly different from what you do today, but would surprise family and friends if you revealed your desire to go a different route? Are you a dapper business person that prefers to be out in the woods hunting. 

It might be tattoos hidden under business clothes, 

Everyone wears a mask; what's yours?