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I have had several requests for prints. All images are cropped to either a 5x7 or 8x10 crop factor, as noted below each image. While the 5x7 is only available in that size, the 8x10 is also available in 4x5 or 16x20 sizes. Contact me for an alternate crop and I will accommodate.
DSC_2087 (5x7)DSC_4593 (5x7)DSC_4596 (5x7)DSC_4617 (5x7)DSC_4619 (5x7)DSC_4650 (8x10)DSC_4674 (5x7)DSC_4675 (5x7)DSC_4690 (8x10)DSC_4695 (5x7)DSC_4724 (8x10)

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