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Taylor and Lauren-1924 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1926 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1927 (5x7)Taylor and Lauren-1952 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1953 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1957 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1965 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-0004 (5x7)Taylor and Lauren-0019 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1973 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-0026 (custom)Taylor and Lauren-0026 (5x7)Taylor and Lauren-0030 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-0032 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1981 (5x7)Taylor and Lauren-1987 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-1997 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-2006 (8x10)Taylor and Lauren-2006 (Color)Taylor and Lauren-2009 (5x7)

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