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Feel free to use these images as your Facebook cover and pass them along for others to use, but keep in mind that is it illegal to print, crop out my logo or otherwise alter these images without written permission. For the best quality, choose "Download" from the menu in the top left corner of any image in this gallery.

Feel free to leave a comment, below, and tell me what you think of these photographs or request another theme or subject. If I am able to turn your suggestion into a photograph, I'll mention you when I post that image.

All images are copyright (©) Jeffrey Keyser Photography. All right reserved.
Filsen, GermanyGrafenwöhr, GermanyAlpsee, GermanyTulipsPhiladelphia SkylineFastnachtsMoonshiner's WeatherMorning WheatFireworks 2015Burg Hohenzollern, Baden-Württemburg, GermanyAutumn Song

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